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Pros and cons of dating a much younger man

I am not saying that these things do not apply at all to single men. For example they seemed to understand emotions, how women work, how to make a woman feel comfortable and cared for. The bachelors in their 30s are different than the divorcees from what I have experienced.Both bachelors and divorced men can be great partners or be terrible partners. They could read my moods well, know why I want and like certain things, how I am thinking and feeling. One of my exes really enjoyed giving pleasure to the woman, and he once spent hours trying to make me orgasm through oral and he loved it. Even though their marriages didn't last, being married made them grow up. They have taken care of a wife, and maybe pets and/or children.If he has trust issues he may take them out on you. If he loved her a lot and she hurt him you may worry he will never like you as much or that he really wants her and not you.If something went very wrong in his marriage he may be paranoid about it happening again, and this fear or these negative emotions may surface with a new woman. Really, she was there first, and most likely he WILL weigh other women against her in his mind. Some say divorced men are likely to remarry, and statistically speaking, more divorcees who remarry are men, compared to women. If he has kids, there is a much bigger bond with the first wife that can never be forgotten. Pasco is the total of Franklin County, while the other possibilities are focused in Benton County.

There are two sides to every story and usually a marriage breaks up because they BOTH could not make it work. A guy who just blames his ex all the time is probably not emotionally mature.

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For the most part dating an older woman is a positive experience.

But if he is a good man, and emotionally healthy, ready for something new, he will realize that this is a new woman, that you aren't his ex, and he can't treat you in relation to her because you are a new woman with no relation to her, this is a new part of his life where is is starting fresh, past to the side. However, he may have a fear of marriage, or be dragging his feet about marriage. If he says he does not want to get married again, don't think you will change his mind, no matter how wonderful you are. If he isn't close with his kids, it is a big red flag though. But even divorce alone really can drain a person financially.

On the other hand he may like being married and want to be married again. You want a guy who talks to his kids a lot, really seems to love them, and has a good relationship with them. But because you are not the mother of the children, it will make you feel small or like you are less important. It could take years to recover fully from a divorce, financially speaking.


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