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Dating lost spark

You sound like a top quality woman and men respect women like yourself.

To be exact, its the betsey johnson layer cake bikini top..

My husband told me that he thought the last 12 years of our marriage was a sham and that he doesn't know if he is in love with me anymore.

I was worried at first that it was her that had filled his head with shit about our relationship, but he says not.

He also says she is just a friend, and I need to trust him with that. I know he would like to go with other girls but he has told me that he won't, and if he was going to he would tell me.

I barely get time to breathe, so I admit I have neglected him and not given him any time. What I don't understand is how he could just contemplate leaving me, I know he has supported me and tried his best for the last 12years but surely if he loves me he wouldn't just want to give up on everything.

I mean surely we can get the spark back, we just need to spend more time with each other.


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